American sign language brooch
Custom made brooch made of wood or mirror acrylic


Custom made 10-letter Braille message on a silk 100% tie. Swarovski stone used for the braille dots.

at Book cafe jungle, Seoul, South Korea (Apr. 4th - 6th, 2012)

at Gallery idm, Busan, Korea (Jan.3-Feb.15, 2013)

deco-iPhone case
Custom made Braille message on iPhone case. Swarovski stone used for the braille dots.

Call ur mother. (left), Turn it off.

River Press Print
The special Japanese paper changes the nature to be semi-transparent after hotpressed.

Hiroshima city, Japan

  • Hiroshima prefecture, Japan

  • Miyajima, Japan

  • Singapore, Singapore

  • Portland, the United States of America

  • somewhere
    Carbonless copy paper is inserted somewhere in the notebook. You never know when it gets carbon copied.

    chirashi book
    About 50-page book of various kinds of chirashi flyers. Fun to flip pages to get to know Japanese typography.